Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21: Pumpkin Sweets Recipe Round-Up

Hello, Fall! I know you got here on September 22, but I'm just getting up to date on things. I mean like, I just got a Facebook account. And I just started blogging on a regular basis again. I'm glad for 31 for 21, because it makes it so that I HAVE to blog everyday.

So to jump start the fall baking goodness, here are my favorite pumpkin recipes - and they're sweet ones, of course, 'cause that's how I roll. Hey, sugar is fun to play with! (and eat, unless you're like me and and don't eat it anyway . . . I make it for my family, including that sweet little boy I told you about a couple days ago. He has food allergies, so I make treats for him.)

Pumpkin Bread is a classic. This is a very good family recipe, moist and sweet. Let me tell you, tho, this recipe doesn't make pretty looking bread, but that doesn't matter really. I all goes the same way, right?
Pumpkin Buckle has some funky layer things going on here, but it bakes up to a hit with the family. It's a custard-like thing.
Pumpkin Butter would be good on pumpkin bread, or if you want just eat it with a spoon! Hey, guess what? It's a crockpot (slow cooker) recipe! Can't be much easier than that! Don't let any of that pumpkin go to waste.
Pumpkin Carrot Spice Muffins with Orange Glaze were some nice muffins. They turned out fluffy and stayed together even though they're made with mostly oat flour.
Pumpkin Impossible Pie is a crustless pie, that's what "impossible" means here. Whatcha do is add some flour to the pie batter, and bake to perfection! For that crunch, just add some nuts to the top.

Pumpkin Marshmallows are fluffy, sweet and spicy while being free of eggs, corn syrup and other allergens. Good for hot cocoa, toasting and fun!

Pumpkin Pudding for some spicy, thick and creamy goodness. Eat it warm or cold, in a bowl or a pie shell, for breakfast or dessert - your choice!
PumpkinSnap Cookies is what happened when I crossed gingersnaps and pumpkin. Crispy, crunchy, snappy bottom-of-a-glass spice cookies. These are not the typical soft pumpkin cookies.
Pumpkin Spice Fudge was nice and smooth. That's one you probably haven't hear of, huh? I probably should re-do that recipe, though, to see if I could eliminate the corn syrup.

Remember these recipes when the pumpkin goes on sale! All 9 of them - bread, buckle, butter, muffins, pie, marshmallows, pudding, cookies and fudge - have real pumpkin in them.

Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope fall baking and creating is a success for you!

~ Hanunyah

31 for 21 is a blog challenge to raise Down Syndrome awareness 1 blog at a time. The challenge is to blog everyday the whole month of October (31 days) to raise awareness for Down Syndrome (aka Trisomy 21). This is the 6th Annual 31 for 31 Challenge.

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  3. reading ur blog since some days....i appreciate u a lot....ur effort is really amazing and ur patience ofcourse...


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