Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 for 21: Not Your Typical Kitchen

Soooo . . . today is the last of the 31 days. I'm sure blogging will slow down a bit, but hopefully I won't forget about this blog :). October is one of the busier months around here.

I thought I'd share this picture . . .
My bottle calf, Lulu, in the kitchen.

Its's just a baby! Hey, it is a barn. (Our house is a converted barn.) As I type, there is meat processing going behind me. We slaughter and butcher all of our own meat because of food allergies (plus, it is typically cheaper). (Funny, I just noticed that there is a DSAT (Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa) Buddy Walk shirt in that picture. Just fits the context of the blog challenge.)

Goodbye to the 2012 Annual 31 for 21 blog challenge!

~ Hanunyah

31 for 21 is a blog challenge to raise Down Syndrome awareness 1 blog at a time. The challenge is to blog everyday the whole month of October (31 days) to raise awareness for Down Syndrome (aka Trisomy 21). This is the 6th Annual 31 for 21 Challenge.


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