Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Adult in the Family!

My older sister, Suriyah (#4 of 11) became an official adult on the 29th of March. We didn't do much on her birthday except I made brownies and blondies :), BUT a party was planned. A few days later Grandma took us out to eat (at a Mexican restaurant, of course), then she came home to a party.

A couple weeks go by.

A few days ago mom surprised her again to a special baby goat, a F4 Mini Nubian - Mom's b-day present ;).
Mom, Colleen (the goat's breeder) and Suriyah

~ Hanunyah

new design + name

As of 1-3-12: I've re-named my blog name (which used to be "Hanunyah's Sweet Creations") to "Ranch Girl's Sweets 'N' Treats". "Sweet Creations" is a pretty common name, so I figured I'd change it to something a little different ;). My URL is still the same, though.

Also, a big thanks goes to my older sister (@ CountryGirlWebDesign.com) who has re-designed my blog and fixed-up all of the HTML. So, I hope you enjoy the new layout!