Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Falling in the GAPS!

Yep, I've just about fell into the GAPS in 2 ways - as you can tell - my posting is few and far between, and we recently started the GAPS diet. Me and most of my family haven't fully went on the GAPS intro diet, yet, but I'm sure many of us eventually will.
     I haven't had much time on the computer the last week or two, until the last few days I was able to check my email and post on my other blog. Monday we went blueberry picking, and yesterday I had to go to the Urgent Care for a tick I pulled off of my thigh - around it turned into a hard round lump with a big red circle. "THEY" say that's the time for meds . . .

Anyway, last week my brother (who'll be 19 years on the 10th of this month) and a friend/neighbor's little 2 year old boy (who has constipation problems) went on the diet. They've been on the diet for about a week now, and my brother is on stage 2 of the GAPS introduction diet. It's been a tough one for the little guy, but they've been able to pull through with help from us. Those of us on the diet are eating lots of soup (with meat, carrots, onions, and broccoli), broth, yogurt, kefir, and ginger tea (all that my sisters make).
     Here are some links we've been using - (we bought the cookbook that's pictured on the home page of this site, I looked through it and it has good recipes)
     And here are the yogurt and ginger tea recipes that my sister has been making (she typed these up for some friends).


Turn on oven light - it can take a couple hours to heat the oven - make sure you have a thermometer in there - you want it between 100 - 110 degrees in there.

Making the Yogurt -

1. Put as much (I do 1 gallon at a time) milk as you plan to make into yogurt in a pot - warm on stove to 180 degrees.

2. Once it reaches 180, put pot of hot milk in an ice cold bath. Cool down to 110 degrees.

3. Add the yogurt starter, or a small amount of yogurt as a starter - Mix fairly well.

4. Put the milk in a pan or pot (I use a crockpot crock) in the oven.

5. Let it sit for 8 hours.

6. After 8 hours - It's Done!

7. Save ½ cup of yogurt to start your next 1 gallon batch.

Ginger Tea

1. Bring water to a boil. Once it boils, turn off heat.

2. Add grated ginger (add as much for as strong you want it).

3. Let sit for 5 minutes.

4. Strain the ginger out.

5. Done.

Also, if anybody has GAPS-friendly recipes, please send them our way! Thanks!

~ Hanunyah

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