Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make Your Own GF Flour!! It can be Cheaper than Gluten Flour!

Yay! Well, after all gluten-free living is NOT sooo expensive :) . . . We buy big 50 lb bags of white rice for cheap (I think we get it at Sam's), and recently we found out that we can make our own rice flour - easily. Just grind it in a Vitamix (with the dry container), until fine (stir it while grinding).

So, since we can get rice cheap, we figured it out to about 50 cents a pound! Compare that to the stuff you buy in the store - it's over $2 a pound. We grind a couple gallons at a time . . . . And use it very fast. I think I've been baking the most I have ever baked - I have been stocking the freezer with goodies, and everyone likes it.

Praise the Lord for his kindness to us to be able to do all this.

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