Friday, September 23, 2011

Banana (or fruit) Ice-Cream

This soft-serve type ice-cream/shake is a very quick, easy, healthy and refreshing snack, breakfast or dessert.

I know I am sort of late in posting this since the weather is cooling off, but we usually don't stop drinking cold shakes in cold weather :) - just bundle up!

And, this idea is very versatile - add peanut butter, cocoa powder, use different frozen fruit, and you can use whatever liquid you want just to get the blender going - milk, kefir, fruit juice, etc. Now, if you use different fruit you will get different results - I like to use bananas because they are very sweet, and if I use kefir the sweetness of the bananas cover up the tart kefir.

Banana Ice-Cream (Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Corn-free, Sugar-free, Grain-free GAPS legal with kefir)
Hanunyah Creation

2 or 3 frozen bananas (skinned and frozen)
a little milk, kefir or other desired liquid (just a little, you don't need much at all. It's better to use less and add more later)

Blend in a blender (or Vitamix?) until thick and smooth. You may have to stop the blender and move the bananas around a bit to get it going again. If you want it thick, don't add more liquid unless you really have to. Sometimes I think I may have to add more, but end up being fine.

~ Hanunyah

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  1. wow...perfect ice cream. Thank you for participating in my event. First time at your space and love it !!!


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