Friday, May 3, 2013

Carrot Banana Orange Cream Shake

Ah! I at least try to post on here once a month, but there is no post on here for the month of April! But, the last time I posted it was the very day March 31, so maybe that will make up for it ;). The internet has been tweaky lately (on/off), and we even lost power a couple weeks ago because of a severe storm.

Storm April 18

Things have been going pretty well. The animals have been doing alright, but we've had some problems because the weather has been soooo up and down. So we've been busy with spring cleaning (the house and barn! well, actually, both are barns - we just live in one LOL), treating animals besides the regular care, and bottling the 20 bottle babies we have. Yep, 20. It actually doesn't seem like that many - maybe it's because either they're organized into groups or we're used to it - or both.

Bottle kids enjoying the green. Yep, they are still on the bottle . . . we spoil our kids!

It's May. It's the month of M-A-Y, ok? The weather is supposed to be nice like spring, right? It was 80 degrees a couple days ago, and the next day it was like 40! One day we're sweating and the next it's freezing rain! So ya, that's what I mean by the weather has been up and down. No wonder why some of the goats have gotten pneumonia. This can't be good for us humans either :). This is Oklahoma after all.

Dogwood flowers

Even if it doesn't look like spring outside, maybe this nice fruity shake will help get you in that spring mood.

And yes, I know I'm weird. I put weird things in my shakes. At least I don't put the whole quail egg in, shell and all, like some my family does . . . I just tend not to like sand in my shake.

Presenting you with yet another of my breakfast creations . . .

Carrot Banana Cream Shake
Hanunyah Creation

3-4 quail eggs
1 frozen banana -OR- 1 banana, peeled + 3 ice cubes
1 orange, peeled
1/4-1/2 of the orange peel
1 carrot, washed or peeled, whichever you prefer
1 1/2 cups raw goat milk (or cow or non-dairy milk)

Blend up and chug! :) You may add a cup of oatmeal to this shake (before blending) if you'd like to make it more filling, but I find I do better without grains.

A few more pictures . . .

The special girls, Tiny Bit (left) and Trauma (right)

A couple of the pregnant does.

Storm April 18

Storm April 18

Storm April 18

Storm April 18. This is where we drained our pond. It appears lightning struck it. There was ash there where those dark streaks are.

Storm April 18. This is a pine tree on our property that was struck by lightning. 

Storm April 18. A Dogwood flower in the creek.

~ Hanunyah


  1. What a great recipe!! I have got to try it! I bet the eggs make it really tasty and creamy. love the zest idea.

  2. Yeah, I think the eggs make it better . . . . others in my family are still weirded out about it ;)


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